Two young engineers quit engineering and earned crores of rupees by making milk shake

ShakeItOff Co-Founders

The success story of two friends Nishant Tripathi and Anil Paremal, who were room partners in the college, is an example for all youth. Ever wishing to pursue a career in the field of engineering, these friends thought of doing milk shake business. Started the Shake It Off startup three years ago by investing around Rs 10 lakh from its savings amount, which has turned into a business of Rs 1.82 crore today. Let us know what challenges these friends have faced in achieving success.

Nishant Tripathi and Anil Paremal, Co-Founders, Shake It Off
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How did the idea come?

Anil used to talk about the quality of milkshakes he gets in his college. Then in the year 2015, when Anil was working in Dubai, his friend Nishant came to meet him. When Anil showed him two shake shops in Dubai, then the idea of ​​starting it in India came up. Both of them were of the opinion that there was a lot of scope to do in the field of shake in the Food and Beverages field in India.

Shake It Off
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In this way, its foundation was laid in January 2016 and it started from outside a college in Jayanagar on 7 March 2016. Together the two friends completed the exercise to name it charmingly. After this, both of them started it together with four members.

Shake it Off Shop in Delhi
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He started by making a mini cafe model at 250 to 300 square feet of space. It had a seating arrangement of 20 to 25 people. Apart from this, open kiosks, plug-ins which are a kind of cloud kitchen. Now Shake It Off (SOI) is bringing wheels. It will be a kind of food truck model. Anil says that he started work with two people and today 40 employees are involved. Our customer base is around 50 thousand, which will be three lakh by the next financial year.

How did they overcome the challenges?

Anil says that we had many challenges right from the start of the startup. We were investing only 10 lakh rupees in the name of investment and in the name of resources, this amount could not do much. Then something like this brought the business boom in a low budget.

Marketing: We had no money for marketing, so we did small programs in local colleges. The “Shake It Off” team engaged to connect with customers by creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram and even Tinder. Distribute leaflets in colleges, increased it through store offers. The most effective in this was the review of our product, which we used to take from every customer.

Apart from this, we have made such a policy for employees that they work in a healthy environment and feel good about their jobs. Apart from this, to beat the competition, we thought of expanding the franchise. It also helped a lot.

“Shake It Off” Offers These Services

"Shake It Off" Milk Shake
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Anil says that we serve shake and food to our consumers at affordable prices. Shakes start at Rs 79 in our store, and our food starts at Rs 69.

Today, apart from Instore Sale, we take online sales, franchises and bulk orders etc. Anil says that we are growing very organically in a good way. We first started a single shop in 2016 and learned store level processes there. Then we wanted to learn multi store management and so we started another branch in 2017. We got our first franchise partner at the end of 2017, which gave us enough confidence and lessons to expand. We now have a total of 12 stores in which 3 more will be added by next year.


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