Trollers Trolled Esha Gupta For Her Gown, for Revealing Neckline


Actress Esha Gupta uploads new and Hot Pics on Instagram Daily. Her Pics always invite Trolls and Abusive Comments. There are very few people who appreciate her. Trollers always find a reason to make fun of her dressing. No doubt, she is very popular on social media, but that doesn’t mean that she can escape these jerks.

Recently, she posted some pics of an event & as usual, trollers got alerted. Esha wore a beautiful dress(Gown), but unfortunately, people noticed her neckline and trolled her for wearing such revealing outfits.

They trolled her very badly because they felt she wore a cheap dress; We feel sad that Esha is always a victim of such comments; after all, she has her own choice of outfits & no one has the right to comment on it. However, some social media users believe only in hatred & we have no control over them.

The best thing about Esha is that she doesn’t give a damn to these trollers; she continues posting such pics Here are some posts from the event.

And these are some comments that she received on the pics…

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