How to show your photo on the Pendrive icon?

How to set your photo on pendrive icon?

Friends, you may have used Pendrive on your laptop or computer. Today we will tell you about such cool tricks that will help you change the icon of your Pendrive and with the help of this trick you can also use more than one Pendrive because memorizing the icon is easier than memorizing the name of local-drive, then do not waste much time and move towards the trick.

Steps to change Pendrive Icon

1st Step:

  • First of all, you have to choose the photo you want to make the icon.
  • Now the format of this photo has to be changed, for this, you have to right-click on the photo and open it in Paint software.
Step: 1-1
  • Now save the photo on the desktop by typing in the file name PC by saving as picture and selecting the picture format .bmp or 24-bit Bitmap (* bmp, * dib).
Step 1-2

Note: – You have to keep the name of the photo as short as possible and save it in .bmp format.

2nd Step:

  • Now you have to open notepad and type 2 line code.
  • In the first line, you have to type [autorun].
  • In the second line, you have to type the name of the photo which also includes the picture format that we saved. Eg- icon = PC.bmp
Step 2-1
  • Now you will save this file on the desktop named autorun.inf whose format will be ‘.inf’.
Step 2-2

3rd Step:

  • Copy both files and paste them into any of your pen drives.
  • Now you have to remove your pen drive once and reinsert it on the computer or laptop.
  • Now you will see that the icon of Pendrive has been changed.
Step 3-1

Note: As long as both these files are in your pen drive, your photo appears on the pen drive icon. As soon as these files are removed from your pen drive, the icon will change as before. To save files from getting deleted, use our trick below.

4th Step:

  • Select both files and click on Properties and then choose the Hidden option and click on Apply and then click on OK.
Step 4-1
  • Now you will never see these two files. But still, you have to avoid formatting the pen drive otherwise the icon will change as before.
  • If you even format the pen drive by mistake then with the help of this trick you can create the file again and enjoy it.


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